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My CBD Health Store of Fort Myers, Fl

Your CBD Store and My CBD Store

Best Store for Hemp Derived Products In SWFL

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Our #1 Products

Browse our Brand of Products below

This is a great product for Pain & Inflammation. Per-motes Healing and a cooling sensation. It Keeps Working for hours of Relief. A Little Goes A Long Way. Please Keep In Cool Dry Place. Ingredients: CBD Isolate 200mg, Hemp Seed Oil 60Mg., Bees Wax, Coconut Oil, Black Pepper, Ginger, Spearmint Gel, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clove Menthol & Lavender With Frankincense Essential Oils. Can Be Applied as needed per day. 250 mg. and 700 mg.

Paradise Oils are made in the USA. Full Spectrum CBD Products with Terpens, Turmeric, cumin and hemp stiva oil, coconut oil and CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC, CBDa Contains <0.3% THC. Two Different Flavors to Choose From. Peppermint and Ginger Orange all Natural flavors. No Preservatives added. Comes in 100 mg., 300 mg., 500 mg., 750 mg., 1000 mg., 1500 mg., 2500 mg.,

JoJoba Hydration Hair De-tangle and Conditioner

Hemp Seed & CBD Oil JoJoba Hydration Hair De-tangle with 27 MG of Hemp For Your Hair. It Also Can Be Sprayed On Dry Or Wet Hair For Nourishment. Has Aloe Vera, Jasmine, Grape Seed Oils, JoJoba Oils & Hemp Oil Infused with CBD Isolate 33mg. In 8 OZ, 4 OZ. or 2 OZ.  Bottles. Leaves Hair Soft, Shiny and Manageable. Can Cause Hair Growth. Please Shake Well With Every Use!


LoKo Lavender Face Toner

Advanced Therapy Face Skin Toner & Freshener

LoKo Lavender Face Toner - 0% Alcohol, Water Based Face Toner & Freshener Soothes and Tones While Normalizing The Skins PH Balance. Provides A Sparkling Fresh Feeling with Antioxidants.

Ingredients: Lavender, Mango, Frankincense Essential Oils, CBD 25Mg. Isolate, Orange, Water, Propylene, Glycol, Allantoin, Pineapple, Coconut, Sunflower Oil. 8 oz., 4 OZ., 2 OZ. Bottles

PizzaCBD B-Flat's Menu / Take Out Only Fort Myers, FL.

CBD Margarita B-Flat Pizza


CBD Cheesy B-Flat 8"


CBD Pepperoni B-Flat Pizza


Hemp Pizza B-Flats

Everyone Can Enjoy Hemp Sativa Pizza

Our Specialty Pizza B-Flats are different, taste awesome and Can Be Delivered with GRUBHUB Click Link Below to See The Menu and Specials!

GRUBHUB Delivery

Hemp Derived Full Spectrum Oils, Pain Balms, Treats and More For Your Pets!

Shop Our Pet Products!!

We Have Our New Pet Formula, Our Brand of three Pet formulas. Bow-Wow's CBD, Honest Paws Calming Aids Available For Your Fur Babies!

What Is CBD and How Does It Work?

Your Body CB1 and CB2 Receptors. 



Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) consists primarily of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors play a vital role in the chemica reactions that govern our mood, memory, pain, appetite, and more. The two main ECS receptors are CB1 and CB2. They can be found throughout our bodies, from the brain, to the nervous system, to our peripheral organs and tissues.

Cannabinoids (such as CBD) naturally bond with these receptors, activating a chemical reaction that alters the way our body functions. For example, when a CBD molecule binds to a CB2 receptor, a cellular response is triggered, increasing homeostasis and cellular performance.


Our age and weight plays a big factor when it comes to the speed of someones metabolism. As we get older our metabolism slows down significantly. Therefore you will not need as high of a milligram as someone who is in their 20’s. Your activity level can also effect the amount of CBD you will need to take in a day. Someone who is more active may want to increase the frequency of CBD use. Some of our customers take it upon rising and bed time. Some take it there to four times daily if working a lot.

Pain Levels

Different pain levels and sources require different amounts of CBD. For example, a patient who is suffering from extreme pain is going to use a higher dose than someone who is using CBD for something more minor.

Average dosage that works for most adults weighing up to 125 pounds is 20-50mg/day. Dosage for someone larger should be done at your own judgement, as we all have different pain tolerance levels. When you start feeling a little hit of relief, start increasing dosage and/or milligrams until you find maximum relief of pain and/or anxiety.

Our Customer Service

My CBD Health Started researching and reading about the benefits of Hemp Derived Cannabidiol, in 2001 after I had a sever car wreck. I wanted to help others have a better alternative with CBD Products. CBD an industry that is flooded with misinformation and products that don’t live up to their expectation, many people over the years have struggled to understand how CBD can truly help them. That is why we educate our customers of the health benefits of CBD products. We are educating our customers on all our products in store, how to take the product, and setting proper expectations. Just like your family doctors office would do, we teach and help you create a treatment plan to help you live your best life possible! We are always dedicating the extra time to create a personal relationship with our customers, they trust us for services and products years to come. We constantly educate our selves and staff you learn as the information constantly changes.

Paradise CBD Oils Here

    What Is CBD and How Does It Work?

Read What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

About My CBD Health

Reviews Below!

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***** 2 Weeks Ago

This place is fantastic! Whether you’re looking for tinctures, infused

Coco Butter cbd Shea Butter Creams are great! The Chocolate Truffle Bar is Awesome! I also put the Honey in my coffee, yummy and so much more. Don’t forget about our doggies health. So many products for dogs, my dog showed such an improvement with the Natures Pet Herbals Treats.

Candace Clers

Ashland KY

Billey Porter


I was diagnosed with low grade stage 1B serous carcinoma ovarian cancer in July of this year. I started my chemotherapy August 14th. My Dr recommended that I take CBD oil for nausea and to help with pain related to cancer and chemotherapy treatments. I had no nausea but I had very bad neuropathy in my legs and feet. The CBD oil helped me with both of these. I take my Oil in the mornings and at bed time. And I also got Krantom and I take one capsule in the morning and one around 4 pm. I can’t believe it. They really work. I continue to order from them. I get great customer service. Ease of ordering on line and they are very knowledgeable on their products and what will work best for your needs. Will continue to order from them. Thank you

Billey Jean

Ashland, KY

***** 3 weeks ago

We have amazing products and great atmosphere! Come in and check out all of our products! We even have CBD for pets !... More

Jocelyn Walker

Bonita Springs, FL

Karat N Shtick

 5 weeks ago

I Stopped in yesterday after meaning to come in for some while now and boy, I was not disappointed! Very clean store front with friendly knowledgeable staff. The woman behind the counter was insightful in helping me make a decision on what to get and answered all my questions concisely. I bought an Oil vape cartridge and a battery. The rewards club pitch was perfect to! Definitely can't wait to go back and get more stuff. The gal behind the counter gave me a little goody bag that had a few samples in it as well such as a gummy frog and a little container of body lotion. The shop is not far from my home and it's in a convenient location. I can't wait and I'll definitely be going back.

Karat N

Fort Myers, FL

***** April Bobrowsky

October 26, 2019 ·

it Is fantastic . I have lupus and a few other issues and since using sherry's products I no longer take my prescription muscle relaxers or opioid pain meds and I am feeling and sleeping so much better..and all the people are fantastic friendly and knowledgable..everytime I go in the store I feel amongst friends and family..they have only top of the line fabulous products..will come here for all my cbd needs will never go anywhere else ..

April Bobrowsky

Alva, FL

***** 3 weeks ago

Leslie Miller

 2 weeks ago

I suffer from insomnia and always wake up minimum 5 times a night. So I decided to try CBD to see if it really “WORKS” I wanted something I could take right before bed so help me fall asleep and stay asleep. I went to MyCbdhealth. They told me to start with Axton gummies. To my surprise I fell asleep and stayed asleep the whole night! I highly recommend!!! I am a hairstylist so when we were not able to work for 6 weeks when I came back I was working 12 hour days and hurt my shoulder and upper left arm. I went back to MyCbdhealth and bought Kool Hemp Spicy Hot Rub and I use it every night. It takes the pain away instantly! I also referred my mom to them for her dog. Her dog is so scared of storms. As we all no the summers in Florida it rains,thunders and Lightning’s every day. So MyCbdheath recommended the peanut butter. My mom said she slept like a baby through all the storms and fireworks on 4th of July. Everything I have tried and they recommend has been better than I ever expected. If you are looking for anything CBD related for you or your pets I highly recommend MyCbdheath! You won’t be disappointed.

Leslie Miller

Fort Myers, FL

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